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Hey guys 🙂

I was contacted a few months ago, before I left for Cuba, by Pretavoir asking if I would like to do a review and I couldn’t say no. To be honest I was so excited that they had asked me! It was just a few days before I left for Cuba so they told me to contact them after I came back and I did. I picked out the Ray Ban Justin Wayfarer in Havana (it was suggested for me) and haha I just realised the name of it now as I type :/ But anyways I had picked that one after the one I originally had picked out was sold out…but I am happy I was able to get this one!

I had picked it out on the 14th and it arrived today! Amazing speedy delivery. The staff was patient and very nice when I was trying to pick out another pair.

Pretavoir have been around since 2009 and have gained a reputation of brilliant customer service and bringing authentic designer sunglasses to their customers worldwide. To be honest I can see why…they have a range of designer glasses and sunglasses which cater to anyones style and also they have a knowledge of what is current right now and have what every fashionista needs to keep their faces accessorised and their eyes protected.

I can’t stop staring at them right now! Ahhh Ray Bans..they are always so desireable and sometimes they can make an outfit! They have a gorgeous lens and makes everything look pretty when wearing them! I also love the case…I don’t know what material it is but it feels lovely and soft and I love the way it’s ombreyd (Is that a word? Lets just pretend it is :D)

IMG_8170 IMG_8172 IMG_8190 IMG_8196 IMG_8199 IMG_8201 IMG_8202 IMG_8224

But if you don’t really like Ray Bans don’t worry because, as I have previously mentioned, they have other brands and maaaaan the sunglasses they have are amazing!!! (They have those gorgeous Prada Baroque Sunglasses! *drooling over here) Here are a few of my favourites and I’m sure you can see a trend going on…I love cat eye frames!






Now Pretavoir offer sunglasses but also they have glasses so you can look stylish if you’re a glasses wearer and you can be happy because they have amazing designer glasses as well like the gorgeous Chanel ones. They also have competitive prices so you will find your perfect pair at a better price than what you can get out there.

So…what do I think… I will definitely shop here and get my next pair from them! Fast delivery, competitive prices and amazing ranges…what more can I ask for! Can’t wait to style my Ray Bans!

What do you think? Which are your favourite pair?

You can find them on twitter and facebook!

You are Beautiful!


*sponsored post-received glasses

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