Shoe Collection Part 2|Heels

I bring you the second part of my shoe collection. They are all the heels I own, I actually forgot one though :/ Some of these shoes haven’t seen the light of day in ages and if they were able to talk I’d say that they would be saying… ‘YAY! That bitch finally brought us out of her dark shelf.’ But who can blame me though…heels really are hard to walk in especially when you’re used to wearing flats and platforms. But I did make the right decision in buying these.

I, however, when going out on a date night wore my BCBG Generation heels and for some reason they were small for me (I felt like crying). They’re so gorgeous and yea my feet decided that they no longer wanted to fit into them. My feet can’t decide what size to be :/ I decided to sell if anyone wants to buy them they’re gorgeous and they’re a size 36.5. I have only worn them probably less than 10 times and I am selling them for €50. I’ll be so sad to see them go but I prefer if someone could wear them since I can’t now :/

The other heels I own still fit me, thank god! and are comfy. I don’t own many heels as you can tell but these are perfect for me and my wardrobe. Hope that ye don’t find this boring and hope that the written brief review of each shoe isn’t annoying. If ye prefer a voice over for part 3 then let me know 🙂

OH! If you haven’t seen part 1 yet then just click below 🙂

Let me know what you think

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