Get Ready for Rihanna for River Island A/W13

Rihanna for River Island A/W13 Collection hits stores the 12th of September, online and instore, and it’s a good one! It’s another collection that screams Rihanna again and who can blame her wanting to create more clothes that she likes and will wear. She wants to make her style available to all and I’m glad! Her style is impeccable!

This time her collection is more Gangsta without alienating any other persons style because these pieces, individually, can go with anything already in your wardrobe.

IMG_2340 (3)

There are also prints galore and they’re gorgeous. There’s lots of camo and a gorgeous print that looks very Egyptiany. The Egyptian-y print looks very expensive and I can’t wait to see it in person. The collection, as her previous ones, is very relaxed and casual…like you haven’t thought much about what you threw on but of course while looking gorgeous. She has been seen already wearing so much of her new collection which shows her dedication and how proud she is of it and rightly so.

IMG_2346 (2) IMG_2350 (2) IMG_2450 (2)

When I found out that she was making an Autumn/Winter Collection I was excited because it is the best season for fashion and I don’t think I need to explain myself right?

The most exciting items for me though are the underwear! I want to buy both sets and don’t they look very Calvin Klein? I am in love with them and I’m glad that it won’t be expensive. Oh! There’s gorgeous leather trousers which is limited edition so….look out for that. Leather trousers are a must which you probably already knew if you read my A/W Must Haves post . (Read it here if you haven’t )

The colour palette of this collection is black, burgundy, neon yellow and cream.

IMG_2487 (2)

OH OH River Island are currently holding a competition where you can win the entire collection!!! I already entered and so should ye!! Good Luck!

Enter here

Make sure ye sign up to their mailing list and also let me know what you think of the new collection?

Why don’t you watch the sneak peek of the collection


You are Beautiful!




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