August Favourites|Beauty and Fashion

Hey guys,

I’ve only done this kind of post once before (if I remember correctly) and thought that I would do another because I really want to let ye guys know about these beauty and fashion items.

First off I will start with my favourite beauty items and ye have seen these already in my haul I did back in July which you can read here.

I have changed up my skin care and I did mention in that haul that I have switched my moisturiser and that I would explain why. I was using the In Situ Cosmetics moisturiser gel for oily skin (which I reviewed here) and I gotta say it was working very well for me, I still stand by what I said in that review, but unfortunately what made me not want to buy it after my sample had run out was because I kept breaking out after a week or two of using it, can’t remember correctly. At first I didn’t think it was the moisturiser but as I started to eliminate what it could be I then realised that it was indeed the moisturiser. Now, I’m not saying that the same thing will happen to you I’m just saying that was what happened with my skin. It is still a great moisturiser for oily skin though because by the end of the day my skin wasn’t oily like it was when I was using the previous one, Estee Lauder Moisturising Day Wear Cream.

I am now using Estee Lauder Moisturiser Lotion for oily skin and it is so much better! It truly is specialised for oily skin and keeps my skin from not getting as oily and shiny when the day is over. I got this in Paris, our last stop before going home, and this one was recommended for me. When I told the lady who was helping that I used the cream version she said that won’t do it for me that the lotion is better and I’m glad I got it with duty free even though it was only €2 off the main price here at home.


Before I put on my moisturiser I use this beyond amazing cleanser which I was sent to review (read the initial review here) to clean my skin and prep it before applying the moisturiser. I want to give you a little update on this. When I first reviewed it, it had only been a week that I was using it and now over a month has passed and the dryness that I had mentioned has stopped, well that stopped after me using it for over 2 weeks but now there are no dry bits. My skin is left feeling soft and it has a gorgeous glow, it took away the dullness that occurred when cleansing with other cleansers, while still feeling clean. It is amazing! Seriously recommend it. You can get it here I will never use any other cleanser but this one.


After getting a bit of a tan when in Cuba I had wanted to find a foundation that would be natural and my skin colour so I went to the MAC counter in Brown Thomas and asked the gorgeous girl what she would recommend for me and she said that MAC Face and Body would be perfect for me so she tried it on me and applied a powder over it which I also got. I can say that I knew this was going to be perfect for me because last year it was put on my legs for the L’Oreal Colour Trophy Competition so I knew that it was good. I decided to get Face and Body and the Studio Careblend/Pressed Medium Plus Powder. When applying the Face and Body it just gives you a flawless look and putting the powder over it I found that it mattified my face and it lasted a long time. By the end of the night you could see a little shine coming through because of my oily skin but it wasn’t that bad (I didn’t look like a mirrorball).

IMG_7877 IMG_7875

When she was applying the foundation and powder I noticed that she was using these two brushes and even though I didn’t get it that same day I knew I wanted to get them. However I was not impressed with the price! It came to almost €100 O_O and I, being an idiot, never asked how much it was when letting the girl know I wanted those brushes because I was assuming that each brush would be just €20 max but yea when I went to the counter it had been too late to say no. But anyways I cannot complain too much because they are good at their job. The stippling brush (187) is brilliant with making my make up look flawless and the powder (138) which can be used as a counter brush is brilliant at applying the powder. It picks up enough product so it doesn’t leave you looking like a powder faced monster. But what annoys me is that some of the hairs fall off. I find myself picking some of it off my face and I hope though that in time it will stop doing that or else I will end up with brushes with no hairs. By the way these are my only face brushes…shocking I know. I do want to get some Real Technique brushes as they are supposed to be amazing and they’re a fraction of the price of one of the MAC ones so yea it is waaaay more appealing.

IMG_7869_2 IMG_7868

The next favourite beauty item is my gorgeous Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Organdi Rose. It is such a gorgeous nude-y purple-y colour-y :p and it’s my perfect nude/classic/elegant lipstick which I got to replace my MAC Fabby lipstick (I gave it to my aunt in Cuba). All I can say is….is that I. LOVE. THIS. LIPSTICK. Ahhh you must try it….NOW! It truly is gorgeous.



Onto my Fashion Favourites now and to start it off is my gorgeous Zara (surprise surprise) silk blouse which I got in the sale for €16. Bargain! It is so soft and silky and just makes my neck and chest look gorgeous and so glad I found this one because it reminds me of something that Michelle Pfeifer would wear. Doesn’t it?!?! I’m so scared of wearing it though because last silk item I owned I washed in the washing machine, it was a dress from warehouse, and I destroyed it *sad face. I know I was stupid in doing that but my washing machine did say it would take care of delicate items but I guess it lied to me. But anyways that is why I am scared to wear this top out on a normal day so I am saving it for special occasions…I do open my closet and feel it every now and then….so soft.

IMG_8434 IMG_8435

Another Zara item (surprise times 4) is my gorgeous Velvet Trousers which I got in the sale last year for €12!! Seriously Zara sales rock! It is a gorgeous item and I wear it high waisted because I think it suits my figure that way and if I were to leave it hang on my hips it would be too big on me so waist is better with a belt of course. I got both Zara items in a size small. I actually posted on my instagram me wearing both together.

My new sunglasses (read the post here) are my next favourite and yea they are gorgeous, feel gorgeous and are making me think that the Ray Ban sunglasses I had bought a few years ago off EBay were fake ones because the quality does not match up to the real ones. These ones I got from Pretavoir and they are the Justin Wayfarers in Havana and I love them. I go on their website a lot actually and am just lusting over soooo many glasses! The Chanel, Tom Ford, Prada, more Ray Bans ahhhhhh so many gorgeous ones to choose from. Check out their website guys because they’ve an amazing selection!


The second last item I have to show ye is my H&M boots which were only €29.99 and they are perfect for walking in the woods (who would’ve thought eh?). They are comfy and are sturdy and also they are gorgeous. Of course if you are going to wear them for more than 6 hours they will hurt but otherwise they are gooood.

And last but not least even though I only got it a few days ago but know that it will be my favourite forever and ever and ever is…my Michael Kors watch! It’s stunning and every time I look at it I’m like woah! I own it…woah…. It’s that gorgeous. I got the chronograph rose gold with the little stone thingies that sparkle in the light and it was a bit on the pricey side but I do love it. It makes any outfit and it’s a brilliant, stylish, classic accessory. The girl had to take 5 links off it because my wrist is so damn tiny and oh! it comes with 2 year guarantee 🙂

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Anyways that concludes my August favourites, hope you enjoyed and let me know which were your favourites last month and if we have the same favourite 🙂

I’ll leave you with one of my little cutie pies..Amber.

Have an amazing weekend and

You are Beautiful!


Stretches out looking adorable 😻 #cute #cat

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