An Outing in Cratloe Woods

I love the woods…in fact I would love to be able to go there every single day for hours on end. I love the energy, the sounds and the peacefulness. I love taking photos of the beauty that you can find in the woods. So..I was excited to finally be going to Cratloe Woods, two weeks after my bf had mentioned it. It is a brilliant place if anyone wants to shoot any movie or a fashion film. I actually want to go back there and shoot some outfits or lookbooks.

I took some photos and I wanted to shoot my outfit as well but decided to just show ye the gorgeous place. However, I did post on my Instagram the outfit I was wearing and well the H&M boots, I bought a few days ago after returning the other ones I wasn’t sure about, are brilliant for walking in the woods. They’ve got a good grip and are easy to walk with. It was also a bargain..only cost €30 so if you see them in your H&M then I suggest ye go and buy it!

Oh I almost forgot! If ye would like to why don’t you check out my Tumblr for any outfit inspirations ye might need. Here’s a sneak peek of what I post.

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 11.49.21

Anyways enough rambling here are the photos.

IMG_8410 IMG_8409 IMG_8408 IMG_8407 IMG_8400 IMG_8396 IMG_8393 IMG_8392 IMG_8391 IMG_8388 IMG_8382 IMG_8381 IMG_8376 IMG_8363

Let me know what your favourite place to relax is.

You are Beautiful!



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