Warby Parker Fall Collection

Warby Parker is ‘eyeglasses with a purpose‘ without taking style away from the equation. They  believe in bringing excellent quality stylish glasses to the masses at an affordable price.

Their new Fall Collection is paying homage to the wild years, the 60’s, and debut 5 new frames with different materials giving them their unique character. Ames, Ripley, Rowan, Holcomb and Ellison. The 15 options, featuring sunwear and optical, provide midcentury style without the flea market goose chase.”

WP_FALL2013_still_2 WP_FALL2013_still_1


With a bold brow line and generous width, Ames transitions easily from mornings in the quad to nights on the town.

Whiskey Tortoise


Whiskey Tortoise


Graphite Fog



Ripley’s round, stainless steel-rimmed lenses and acetate brow will catch admiring glances anywhere you ramble.

Whiskey Tortoise


Oak Barrel



Our signature plaques and rectangular lenses lend a professorial authority—and loads of finesse—to Rowan.

Whiskey Tortoise



Don’t be fooled by its narrow width; there’s nothing delicate about Holcomb. With an acetate bridge and subtle cat-eye, it’s quite the looker.

Marbled Sandstone


Oak Barrel



Ellison is a sure bet for anyone trading the stacks for that cosmopolitan bustle. The medium size and timeless wire accents make it a reliable choice.

Whiskey Tortoise


Marbled Sandstone






Oak Barrel



Striped Sassafras


They have amazing sunglasses and eyeglasses and I am in love with the Ames, Ellison Duckworth and Holcomb frames, they are so on trend right now and you can see them everywhere. I don’t know if the Ames and Ellison ones suit me but damnit I love them! and the subtle cat eye shape that the Holcomb have are gorgeous and not too out there like other frames I’ve seen.

965-TAL-WARBY-10-061-02-03W-crop 965-TAL-WARBY-11-063-03-05W-crop

They make me excited to not only wear sunglasses but to wear normal prescription sunglasses and ever since I was a young 9 year old girl, which was when I first started wearing glasses, I have loathed them but these make me excited to try out new and stylish ones. I am going to try and see if I can get a pair soon.

Their glasses start from $95 for acetate frames and $145 for styles featuring both acetate and stainless steel.

Watch their tv ad for their new collection

They make a difference in the consumer experience because they understand that the customer must be happy with what they will buy and that is why they have come up with an ingenious concept. Home Try-On.

Home Try-On is where you get to pick 5 frames and they ship it to you for FREE! How brilliant is that?! You get 5 days to try on the frames and see which ones you prefer and then you pay for your favourite one, they will then ship it to you, and then you return the 5 that were sent and guess what…it is free to return it also! It’s a brilliant idea. It just makes it easy to build a trust with the company and it’s good when the company listens and understands the customer. Also the great thing that they’re doing and you will do is that for every one pair of glasses bought they give one pair to a person in need.

That is why…

Warby Parker…is eyeglasses with a purpose.

Let me know what you think. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook and don’t forget to check out their website

You are Beautiful!


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