Blackhead Killer Mask Review

Hey guys,

Well I was contacted a few days ago or a week I think, by Style Lux asking if I wanted to review a product for them. I went onto their website and found that ye could be interested. They sent me out a Blackhead Killer mask (5 sachets which retail at £15)which is used to remove blackheads and I was excited to try it out as I have never tried anything to remove blackheads and I have to admit I do have some as well as whiteheads ewwww.

So the packet says that after 10mins of it drying you gotta peel it off gently. I got excited because I’ve always wanted to try out a mask that I could peel off!…the child in me comes out every now and then.

I applied all of what was in the sachet (10ml) I did that because I never knew if I had to apply all of it or not. I used my fingers. The mask is very gooey and hmm it was a bit hard to put on but I got it done. With warm water what was left over on my fingers came off easily. After 10mins of waiting the mask still wasn’t dry but I’m not sure if it’s because I applied the whole contents of the sachet.

IMG_5111 IMG_5114

I waited 5 more mins and started to peel off the parts that were already dry and left the wet part alone. I had left it to dry at 1;20 and by 1;45 some parts weren’t dried yet but the parts of my face where were mask free looked flawless.

IMG_5115 IMG_5118 IMG_5120 IMG_5121 IMG_5126

I found that it did peel off easily once it dried up. Also now I know why it says to peel off gently because the little hairs at the parts of your jaws and close to your ear…well it seems like it’s peeling off the hairs also but I don’t think it did.

I then just rinsed it off as I don’t know if I had to clean it with cleanser or not but my skin felt soft after I pat dried it.

So I’ll share the Good and the Bad.

First off I’ll give you the bad which is just that it doesn’t dry off fast enough but like I said I don’t know if I applied it properly so I guess that is another bad, for beginners. Not knowing if you’re supposed to apply all that’s in the sachet.

The good is that it didn’t irritate my skin (I was scared of that for some reason), it peeled off easily when it dried and also my nose seemed to be clear of the nasty whiteheads and my chin almost cleared of the blackheads. My skin, after cleansing, felt soft.


I would definitely recommend it if you have stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. It’s brilliant and I’m glad I have four more sachets to help my skin be clear of those nasties.

Have you tried this product before? Do you have any tips for me? Let me know.

You are Beautiful!



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