OOTD | Mart of China

Hey guys, I was contacted a few weeks ago by Mart of China to pick out an item(s) to the value of $25 and let ye know about it. So, like always, I checked out the website and found some things that I think ye will like and that I liked. They look at what is out there and on trend and they bring it to the customer at a very affordable price.

I decided to pick out a Chanel inspired bag and pair of pointed high heels which was a bit less than $25. I picked out these gorgeous heels that are so beautiful and have that detail which gives it a little umph. The shoe is made of a material that is like suede but isn’t but at almost $15 you can’t go wrong. Also the bag was cheap as well at almost $9 and I had been stalking the Chanel bags when I was in Dublin and my bf almost had a heart attack when he saw the price (men!) so since I cannot afford a Chanel bag I was searching everywhere for a copy and this one isn’t an exact copy but it is inspired by it and it actually looks like it’s well made. It holds it’s shape and the straps don’t look cheap. At $9 who can complain!

IMG_1634 IMG_1635 IMG_1637 IMG_8436 IMG_8439 IMG_8440 IMG_8441

I tried walking with them for a while and to be honest I do have to get used to them because I’m not used to stiletto heels but the heel isn’t so tall so you can walk with them for a little while without it hurting. Only thing is is that my feet keep sliding off when I walk but that is just because of my feet being a half size too small. I ordered size 4UK (37). They do look gorgeous though and if it wasn’t so cold today I would have worn them without socks so you can see the detail of them better but it was too cold for that.

I am wearing Zara Trousers, H&M jumper (old), Mango leather jacket (old), Topshop Scarf (old), rings from Shop Dixi and H&M(eye ring), H&M socks and Michael Kors rose gold chronograph watch (MK-5263)

I wanted to go to the woods, Cratloe Woods, and shoot a little video of me wearing them as well as some photos. All in all I gotta say that for the price both are worth it. I don’t remember how long it took to get to Ireland but I think maybe between 1-2weeks.

They are having offers right now so if you like anything make sure you avail of the offers!

But anyways here is the video..hope you enjoy 🙂

You are Beautiful!



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