Envelopes to Brighten your Day

Hey guys

I have something different for you guys this time. I was contacted by Colour Envelopes on twitter saying that they would like to send me some free samples. I went onto their site and had seen the gorgeous envelopes they had. I was thinking that maybe ye might like to know about them because even though we do live in a tech world we do occasionally need to use the post office.

They do have the traditional envelopes but I do think that having unique ones would probably make a better impression or add a nice touch to whatever is inside it.

They have different sizes, colours and for different items you need to send. I received the bubble wrap envelopes in metallic and matte and a normal black envelope. They all look really nice and professional and the good thing is that they don’t look cheap.

IMG_8513 IMG_8512 IMG_8511 IMG_8508 IMG_8507

I am in love with them and I think they just look so stylish and I know that if I were receiving an item I would definitely be impressed if they arrive in this and I would try and see if I could use it again! I am selling my iPod so when it gets bought I will definitely be sending it out in this. They’re bubble wrap envelopes so I  know that it would be safe on it’s journey.

By the way you can also get free samples. Find out more on their website.

*kind of a sponsored post

What do you think of the coloured envelopes?

You are Beautiful!


One thought on “Envelopes to Brighten your Day

  1. Reall like the blog about these coloured padded envelopes, I think they would be perfect for people in the Jewellery & Fashion business. The black padded envelopes are really cool, i will take a look at today.

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