The Perfect Pair of Boyfriend Jeans

Hey guys,

Boyfriend jeans have been a go to pair of jeans for a lot of bloggers for a while now and I’ve always wanted to own a pair because I loved the relaxed feel and style and also I loved the way they could be styled to look dressy if you wanted them to be. I had been trying to find a pair that would be good for me and wouldn’t be horrible on. I checked the high street stores and found a pair in Zara so I went to try them on.

Casual Chicness
Casual Chicness by anaelizabethaguila featuring a black drawstring backpack
I had no cares in the 90's
I had no cares in the 90’s by anaelizabethaguila featuring a white bustier shirt
Relaxed Casualness

They didn’t look good on me at all and they weren’t that boyfriend relaxed fit that I was looking for…you know the bagginess of what boyfriend jeans should be. So I let them go and decided not to look anymore. However, a few weeks ago (I think), Gypsy Warrior were holding a giveaway where 5 lucky people could win a pair of their Detroit Boyfriend Jeans. I entered because they looked exactly what I was looking for.

I was one of those lucky ones! But I only found out a few days (probably a week or more after) that I had won and worried that it would be too late to claim them I emailed and thank goodness they were so nice to still be able to send them to me. I went on their site and tried to choose the size according to what Courtney from  The Stylist Playlist, she recommended to size down as they are baggy so I chose size 27″ Thank you Courtney!


I received them yesterday and my gosh I am so happy to say that I am a Gypsy Warrior chick! They are the best boyfriend jean ever! If you are looking for an authentic boyfriend jean then these ones are for you. They are flattering as well though and I discovered that I could wear them on my waist with a belt and they still look flattering on! I loved the ripped and paint splattered details on them…they are perfection. I love them so much that I decided to return a pair of Zara jeans I had purchased yesterday because I don’t feel like I need them anymore now that I got these and they weren’t even the same style either.

So as you can tell…I am beyond happy with them. I’m sure ye will be too if you get them. I can safely say…I’ve fallen in love with my Gypsy Warrior Boyfriend Jeans. You can get 20% off with code GYPSYLIFE20

What do you think? Do you like boyfriend jeans? Do you own a pair or the same pair?

You are Beautiful!



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