Instagram Picks IV

Hey guys

I want to apologise for not having many posts with me talking to ye but I unfortunately have not been inspired to write much. I hope I can get back to it though and bring you more written posts and hopefully outfit posts. By the way hope you liked the last outfit video 🙂

I recently was featured and am one of the 30 finalists in the Oasis/RSVP magazine blogger comp. I had found out about it after I had seen the lovely Orla’s entry and decided to see if I could enter even though it was probably late I gave it a shot and found out yesterday that I am one of the finalists. The two winners (One chosen by the judges and another by the people) will be announced on the 10th so I hope to be able to go up to Dublin for that and can’t wait to meet the lovely Orla from Beyond the Fashion! You can vote for your favourite entry on the 6th and you just need to go on the RSVP magazine website Good luck to all the bloggers.

I will have the outfit up on my Instagram on the day. Thinking of a monochrome look but not sure what top yet. I went to Lough Gur two days ago and took some photos that I hope you will like as well as some of the photos I took on Instagram. I can’t wait to go to the woods again and take more photos.


IMG_8593 IMG_8587 IMG_8586 IMG_8585 IMG_8584 IMG_8583 IMG_8582 IMG_8580 IMG_8578 IMG_8576 IMG_8567 IMG_8564 IMG_8563 IMG_8558 IMG_8553

Anyways here are some of my Instagram posts

#michaelkors #bw #photography

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#ootd #wiwt #zara #topshop @officialzara @topshop #fbloggers #fashion

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Isn't she so cute?! Haha 😻💜💜

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I'm selling this item on @depopmarket, follow me on #depop username: elizabethscloset

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