RSVP Magazine/Oasis Blogger Awards Event

Hey guys

As ye may know I was one of the top 30 for the Oasis/RSVP Magazine Blogger Competition where we had to write a post on our take of this season’s A/W Trends. I was so delighted to be one of the top 30 and was excited for the event yesterday. I brought my bf with me and he was going to be my camera man. We decided to get an early-ish train up to Dublin so we could walk around for a bit and with 5 hours to spare we still didn’t get to go around everywhere we wanted. The streets were hectic like always and I spotted model and uber stylish Lauren Bejaoui in Zara and when I came out of Topshop. She looked gorgeous as always.

We walked around for ages and of course I had to go into the two Zara’s and Topshop. Β In the Zara at the ILac Centre I spotted these black jeans that were ripped on both legs, one side had the rip on the knee and the other had a few rips on the leg. I’m loving the ripped knee jean trend right now and wish I had bought it because I can’t find it online (It was only €40!).

*all images taken from tumblr

The ripped knee jean trend
The ripped knee jean trend by anaelizabethaguila featuring block heel booties

I ended up getting a lipstick in Topshop, my first beauty purchase there, and after swatching the lipsticks I loved Wicked and got that. It’s a gorgeous reddy-pink. I put it on before the event and it stayed on until I was home and took it off which was around half 11. Also I went into Brown Thomas eagerly searching for Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation which I was advised to try by Taylor from My Lucite Dreams and I’m so glad that I finally found a Giorgio Armani counter because I love that foundation. So soft and perfect for my oily skin.

IMG_8778 IMG_8779

I went to the event at Oasis and was greeted by the lovely Jane Haynes and was given my goody bag. Nicola from The Sequin Cinderella was one of the other bloggers that was there and I had to ask if I could take a photo of her outfit, I loved her sequin top. She mentioned it was vintage and yes it was gorgeous. She was the people’s choice winner! I also met the judges winner, Claire from the blog Justified by Jemo, because I had to take a photo of her outfit as well. She had a gorgeous Asos Skirt and fluffy jumper and the most gorgeous metallic silver heels on. Congratulations to both of ye girls!

I let my boyfriend take some footage and some photos so here are the photos from last night. By the way it was lovely to meet ye lovely bloggers!


Nicola from The Sequin Cinderella


Gorgeous bags at Oasis









Claire from Justified by Jemo


Orla from Beyond The Fashion












Cailyn from Ethereal Dream






It was a great event and it was great to meet the bloggers that I did. Go follow their blogs πŸ™‚ Also I met Rebecca from BecBoop Fashionista

Anyways I hope you liked the post and hope you like the video that my boyfriend shot. It’ll be up later so make sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel

You are Beautiful!



4 thoughts on “RSVP Magazine/Oasis Blogger Awards Event

    • I know! It’s my fault for not going and talking to everyone. Gotta kick that shyness hehe πŸ™‚ but yes I did have a great evening and hope you did too! ❀ thank you for stopping by and commenting xo

  1. I love the lipstick. I first got a topshop lipstick when they launched the range and found it didn’t stick but it sounds likes they’ve come along some way since then.

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