For Love & Lemons | Decadent and Delicious

I probably have already posted about this collection, either here or on my Tumblr, and the collection I’m talking about is…

Interview with the Vampire Fall ’13 Collection

Ye already know that Interview with the Vampire is one, if not the one, of my favourite movies of all time. I love the fashion, the sensualness, Lestat, everything about that movie and For Love and Lemons does that movie justice with this collection. I think it is everything that that movie is…dangerous, delicious, seductive and romantic in a way.

If you haven’t seen this collection then allow me to introduce you to this masterpiece of a collection.

I want every piece in that collection…it’s gorgeous and I want it all! The model they chose for this shoot just tells the story exquisitely and my gosh I love the way she looks down into your soul…just like Lestat would.

What do you think? I would love to know what you think of this collection and if you think I sound crazy haha!

You can buy the collection on Dollskill here

You are Beautiful!



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