The Fall Coat Edit

THE staple this winter is the coat. Long, boyfriend, cocoon, biker, blazer. All into one. The coat has become the one investment piece for this season and it’s a good thing because we all need a good coat to keep us warm and the ones that have been featured in blogs and magazines are perfect for the colder months.

The pink coat is very popular right now and at first I wasn’t so keen on it being pink because I’m not really a fan of that colour but thinking about it though it could be made more dark and edgy with what you accessorise it with, your make up and the outfit underneath.

The Pink Coat | Darkened
I am loving and have always loved the boyfriend coat. I love masculine coats with feminine clothes underneath. By feminine I mean a silk blouse and some leather pants or skirt or high waisted velvet trouser. There are loads from Zara that are just amazing and I could show you 10 of them but I decided to show you three. I really want to get one because the one I have from Asos, and I love that one!, is a mohair one and I want one that isn’t fluffy. Two is better than one anyways right?
Ok I have to show ye this coat. It is super-diduper expesive but if I had the money I would get it. It’s reversible!
Of course these are my picks for this fall. There are the others that are a must and we all know what those are. The biker jacket and sophisticated leather jacket. Those two should be in our wardrobe…in everyone’s wardrobe and there cheap alternatives out there. Here’s one example from Topshop, Zara and Asos.
But anyways what do ye guys think? Which one would you get?
You are Beautiful!

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