Mustard me Blue

Hey guys

So I am back with an outfit post for you which I am glad to say I took yesterday and it was finally sunny yet freezing but we won’t talk about the cold. I have put on a lot of weight recently…for some reason I can’t stop eating but I am working out so I hope to get back to how I was and I guess I am telling ye this because I don’t really like the way I look in these photos but I thought the colours and the outfit looked good. I also wanted to take a photo with my Hellbounds since I haven’t worn them in soooo long. But anyways I’m rambling.

The outfit is very kinda bright I know but I really like the mustard and the blue together and with Autumn/Winter season I thought I would pare them together. The coat is from Asos and I thank **** that I got this last year because it has been my saviour these cold months (or month and a bit) and yes €40 well spent and thank you Asos for having amazing sales!!


This t-shirt I got in Zara and the skirt is from Zara too but I will talk about the t-shirt first. It’s gorgeous and only €8 and even though it’s a small it’s over sized and goes great with jeans and anything really. They’re out of it in my local Zara but when they’re back I’m gonna get more!

The skirt when I bought it was good yes but eeegh I think I’m done with it. It’s flattering on me but I don’t know I’m bored of it already.


The oversized cardigan is from River Island but I got it in a charity shop for €8 last year I think and it’s a size 14 but it’s good that way.

IMG_1960 IMG_1968

My Hellbounds, well I’m getting used to walking with platforms but they are as comfy as before and easy to walk in even after months without wearing them.

My boyfriend’s birthday is today and I might snap a photo of the outfit I’ll wear out to dinner on my Instagram (if we go out to dinner). So if you’d like to see it don’t forget to follow me on there (if you’d like to of course 🙂 )

Hope you’re week is going good and hope you’re weekend was brilliant. Christmas time is soon! Anyone getting excited? What are ye wishing for?


You are Beautiful!



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