Hoisery by Sabina | Hoisery your legs will love

Sabina, Hoisery by Sabina, has created unique and classy hosiery for us women who love to show off some legs yet keeping them some what warm in the winter and also when we just want to add a little style to our outfit because, tights, even though they are just simple piece of fabric do actually add a little something to your outfit. They can add that sexiness/rock and roll or grunginess to an outfit.


Sabina, came up with creating her own tights while sitting in a cafe in paris and she thought of how she could make tights comfortable and unique because she had acquired a love/hate relationship with them as probably many of us women also have with tights. She wanted to create silky, unique yet classy tights for that kind of woman who is classy but has a little secret hidden and lets it out by how she dresses and presents herself.

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She is based in Co. Kildare, Ireland she delivers around the world and you can buy her hosiery, which she has different styles of like hold ups, naturals, tattoo and patterned. To add to the uniqueness they come in a satin bag with ribbon with the name Sabina, her own. It’s party season so it will be perfect to wear with your perfect outfit!

You can follow Hoisery by Sabina on Facebook and Twitter for updates and discounts.

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