Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud Cologne

Ye probably know how much I love strong and sensuous/mysterious scents and I had bought The Body Shop’s White Musk Smokey Rose a while back because I had finished my Coco Chanel perfume and I was on a hunt for another strong and mysterious scent. I do like that perfume still and I normally finish my perfumes before buying another but I still wanted something I guess more special and I guess in a way that Body Shop perfume didn’t satisfy me.

So while in Brown Thomas I went to the Jo Malone counter and the gorgeous lady there, she was super stylish!, asked if I needed assistance and I told her I was looking for a strong scent and that I was stuck with two other ones, Tom Ford’s Black Orchid and Chanel’s Coco Noir. She smelled them and then let me smell one of her favourites and the one she wears herself. Velvet Rose and Oud.

It is a scent that is described on the Jo Malone website as “Darkest Damask Rose. Rich and textural, wrapped with smoky oud wood. Spiked with clove, decadent with praline. Magnetic.” 

For me it is sensuous and also mysterious, it is a sort of strong scent but not over powering and I find that it’s gone the next day. Well I can’t smell it on my wrists anymore but it is a beautiful scent. The lady at the Jo Malone counter applied the grapefruit body lotion on top and it did give it a kick which it needs. I didn’t get it because the perfume, itself, is €120 for the 100ml bottle. I am very happy I got it though and definitely feel satisfied with that and have let my other perfume sitting there on the shelf.

I recommend for you to smell it and see what you think and add the grapefruit on top. What do you think? Do you own any Jo Malone fragrances? What is your signature scent? By the way I gotta mention that they package they’re fragrances in a gorgeous box and with a ribbon. It would make a gorgeous Christmas present.

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