My 2013 Favourites

Hey guys

Hope you have had a gorgeous Christmas and hope 2014 will be a better year for everyone. Think 2013 lived up to its suspicious number 13. It wasn’t a good year for me but at least I am alive I guess.

I will start off my 2013 favourites with beauty items I have been looooving. One of them is my gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Foundation. (review here) This is the only high end foundation that I have repurchased and I repurchased it because the colour I was using, BD30, was a bit dark for me so I went to the counter and was suggested BD40 which is surprisingly lighter than BD30 and matches my skin tone. Right now my skin is going through a very dry stage, even more after using the Ren Invisible Pores Detox Mask which I showed ye on my Instagram I had seen Claire recommend it as she also has oily skin and she said it was brilliant so I decided to purchase it. However I am not giving up on it. I will be using it in the summer again because, stupid me, didn’t think that the climate in California is waaaaay different to here so Claire probably has oily skin all year around. But anyways that’s why I am going to try it again in the summer when my skin is at it’s oiliest. The Touche Eclat foundation is very good right now for my dry patches and it helps hide them perfectly. BD30 on the left, BD40 on the right.

My next Beauty item is my Bobbi Brown creamy concealer (review here) I never leave the house without concealing my dark circles and that I find is brilliant.

This next item, I bought recently and I have to mention it here though because I have used it a couple of times (every time I went into boots I tried the sample they have out for you to try) and since I’ve got short hair I find it hard to style it and also I’m not good at actually styling my hair, laziness is to blame, so this amazing Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray makes styling your hair easy peasy lemon squeezy! Beside it is my next, recent, favourite and that is my Real Techniques shading brush. I wanted and needed a brush to help me pack on colour onto my crease and this does the job beautifully! I can’t wait to get more of their brushes and by the way that’s my first one! Shocker I know.

These next two are my favourite nail varnishes and they are Intensae nail laquers (read the post on them here) They are truly amazing, luxurious to put on, nail laquers. They are so smooth and easy to put on. You can only put on one coat and you’re done but I always put on two coats. I want to get more because they’re colours are amazing and by judging these two they are well worth the price. First one is Stoker, Second is 1966.

Now on to my favourite fashion items. I have to name my watch first because it’s just too gorgeous. It’s my Michael Kors rose gold watch.

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My next favourite is my amazing boyfriend jeans from GypsyWarrior.

Even though these boots kill after walking for ages in them they are and always will be one of my favourite shoes I own. They’re from Zara

These are perfect for the sun. My gorgeous Havana RayBans I received from Pretavoir. Check their sale out because they’ve an amazing sale going on right now! (review here)

This pair of jeggings are a must for everyone. They are by Dr. Denim and I have had them for ages, I got them in Brown Thomas Limerick, I will definitely be getting another pair. If you like flattering skinny jeans then these are a definite must for you.

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That concludes my favourites for 2013 and I already know a few that will end up in my 2014 favourites! But let me know what are your favourites this year? Are any of mine the same as yours?

You are Beautiful!



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