Baby B Browne Self Tan Review

A week or two ago I received Baby B Browne‘s 250ml face and body medium self tan lotion to review and after trying it out the first time without a kit I was happy with it as it didn’t streak and it smelled really really nice when I was applying it. I kept feeling my legs after because they felt so soft. However my palm was all tanned, obviously. I tried to wash it off but it didn’t budge so I knew I had to buy a mit and also was happy that it wouldn’t transfer onto my clothes once it dried. I applied it again to see how dark it would be when you built it up and I was pleased that it still looked natural.

The first time I tried it I made sure I had exfoliated when I showered and also moisturised after which it says you should do on the leaflet it came with. I later went to bed with it on and after a while I could smell a self tan smell when in bed but I’m guessing that was because I was really warm and I’m sure that when you’re applying this you would wash it off that same day.

I’ll let you know a bit about the brand before I let ye know what I thought when I put it on again with a mitt.

Baby B. Browne is a new self-tanning range developed by Northern Irish company Everyday Cosmetics Ltd. At Baby B. Browne our mission is to provide high quality and affordable self-tanning products for home and professional use that make women look and feel more beautiful.”

“Our moisture rich formulas help achieve a flawless colour and all products are enriched with Aloe Vera to nourish the skin and provide an incredibly even fade.  The Baby B. Browne range is designed to react with your individual skin pigment to create a natural looking colour that is specific to you. All products comes with a guide colour for an easy and streak-free application, dry quickly and create an instantly natural looking and long lasting tan. Our self-tanning lotion is infused with vanilla extracts to create a deliciously fresh fragrance whilst our professional spray tan solutions are fragrance free; with Baby B. Browne products the dreaded self-tan smell is eliminated.”

I finally was able to try it again to be able to review it for you and give you my honest opinion and I had a mitt (my younger sister received self tan for christmas). I applied it as it suggested, to apply it in circular motions, and I only used one pump for the bottom half of my legs and used a pump for the top half of my leg. It went on smoothly as before and the smell was as gorgeous as ever. My palm was also tan free. You do need to leave it dry for around 2-3 mins but that is fine I didn’t find it annoying. I only applied it once and I, again, liked how it looked natural. It does recommend to wear loose clothes after applying it so I put back on my pyjama pants as they’re the only loose pants I’ve got. It didn’t leave any streaks and I can say I’m happy with it.


Without and with

A 250ml bottle costs £14.95 which I think is brilliant as it will last you a bit. I didn’t apply it to the rest of my body however because I know I’ll need help with that but I will another time and report back to ye but all in all I think it’s a brilliant self tan and easy to apply. No streaks and smells good. I would just suggest to wash it off before you go to bed or else in the morning when you wake up because with your body’s heat under your covers it will start to give off that self tan smell. One thing about watching and reading reviews everyone says that after washing it off the tan that stays on your skin is a gorgeous one and the wear off is a natural one so I can’t wait to see how it is once I do that.


Both legs with Baby B Browne Tan


Comparing my skin tone with my tanned legs

I will have an update on the wear of this tan in the next few days.

Hopefully you found this review good and let me know what you think. Have you tried this brand before?

You can find them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest


Hey guys so I have come back with an update for you and it’s a positive one. I had a shower and the colour that was left on my legs after was as gorgeous and natural so I definitely would recommend this one. I have decided to apply it all over and again it was easy to apply, I also did it by myself. It didn’t streak again and looks natural.

You are Beautiful!


*was given this product to review 


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