3 Day Detox Time

Hey guys,

It’s the year to take care of ourselves and I am definitely going to do that because I have been suffering from either an allergic reaction to some foods or an intolerance to some foods and I keep getting a rash that comes up on my neck and I’m tired of having that. I know that there are food intolerance tests you can do but I want to try and do this first and see how I get on but most likely I will be doing that test.

Anyways I went on to Juice 2 Go‘s twitter because I had seen that someone had tweeted them saying how they were enjoying their detox juice so I followed them and was determined to get a 3 day detox plan. Everyone seemed happy with their juice so I told my boyfriend about it and now we both have our juice. He loved them as well as I. By the way I never took the photos because I just started drinking and forgot about the photos…apologies.

photo taken from juice 2 go facebook

photo taken from Juice 2 go facebook

After the three days of drinking it I didn’t notice much because I wasn’t able to do it how it’s supposed to be done and how I wanted to do it which was to just have the juice and not eat….to detox. But…(this could be tmi), the time of the month coincided with the first day of me drinking it and I couldn’t not eat. I was so annoyed that it decided to intrude in my detox plans but I will be trying again.

However I do have to say that the juices were lovely and who knew some of the fruits and veg could go together. I will be trying this again when I know it won’t be the time of the month and do it how it’s supposed to be done. They offer a one day, three day and five day detox. The three day one was €66 and the deliver is €10. It seems much but from reading everyone’s thoughts on it it’s worth it.

To my Irish readers, definitely check them out and do try it for yourself and let me know how you got on. I do know that my boyfriend enjoyed it the only one he didn’t like was the smoothie one but all the others he really liked and some of the veggies in some of the juices he never even tried and he had always said he hated them. So it’s a good way to have veg that you don’t like.

There have been many good things said from others who have tried their detox plan and you can read them on their testimonials page. This year should be the year to take care of yourself inside and out so lets do that and be good to ourselves because who else is going to.

I can’t wait to give this a go again…I am determined.

You can follow Juice 2 Go on




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