Este wears Bastyan

Hey guys,

Este from Haim was seen on Jools Holland’s Anual Hootenanny wearing a gorgeous lace dress from Bastyan. I love how this elegant dress looks so rock and roll on her and only Este can do that to this dress. She had it shortened to add a more youthfulness to it and yup it is gorgeous in both lengths that’s for sure.

image003 haim

Bastyan - Wren Lace Dress

I have decided to style it how I would wear it and of course I do have to add a little edge to it to give it my twist and I will also style it in a more, I guess, formal way even though it is fine the way it is. I wanted to style it these two ways for you and I would love to know what you think.

First is the Formal. I wanted to keep the mysteriousness, elegance and darkness that this dress exudes and I did that with the dark lips and the eyes lined with intense black eyelienr. I decided to go with dark accessories and have accents of gold to compliment the greeny/blue colour of the lace.

Bastyan Wren Dress
Bastyan Wren Dress by anaelizabethaguila featuring the Wren dress by Bastyan.
For the rock and roll styling I chose to add more of a biker feel to it with adding a gorgeous biker jacket and gorgeous killer heels. I also went for a dark make up look.
Bastyan Wren Dress II
Bastyan Wren Dress II by anaelizabethaguila featuring Bastyan Wren Dress.
You can find Bastyan in Brown Thomas.
Let me know what you think.
You are Beautiful!

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