I Want Shoes..Shoes…Shoes!

Hey guys,

Little update for ye…after I moved into my new apartment with my boyfriend I was lucky and got an internship to work with O’Donnell Boutique and I am loving it (Worked one week and a day so far). Finally this year has started off right. I hope to though be able to work with them after this internship ends because they are lovely to work with. This is why I haven’t posted much. Thank you though for still sticking with me and I know two subscribers left but I do appreciate ye who have stayed with me.

Update over now onto what I am lusting and have been for a while now. I seem to be getting and wanting more shoes! I’m sure I’m not the only one obsessed with shoes but these few seasons shoes have been re-imagined with cut outs, platforms, gorgeous boots etc. I just went onto the Zara website and was inspired to write this post and it’s safe to say that I want to buy a load of their shoes! I wish I could afford them though.

BUT anyways that still isn’t stopping me from lusting after them, admiring them and wanting them and imagining them on my feet. So here goes…

So..I know that is a lot of images but how can you blame me eh? I am in love with the boots with the zip and the studs all over…they’re so inspired by Saint Laurent and I want them!!

Anyways let me know what you think. Have you a shoe lust?

You are Beautiful!



2 thoughts on “I Want Shoes..Shoes…Shoes!

    • Thank you Lia! It’s really great working there. Finally I can say I have a job and am working hehe. It really is and the funny thing is is that they’re pastels are gorgeous and am really wanting some pastels in my closet now haha! I badly want to get sling backs! I want to get black and white ones as they will be perfect for work. I’ve to dress more classy and less edgy so I’m finding it difficult with my shoes hahaha.

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