Accessorize to Mesmerise Blog Competition

Hey guys,

Well I just had to enter this competition from Silver Tree when I found out about it on Twitter because..being able to win £200 to spend on any piece of jewellery is OMG! Anyways we had to style an outfit and explain why we chose the jewellery we did and why we chose to style the outfit together with the jewellery piece.

Here is my outfit.


Me And My Blue Boots

I decided to style this full length skirt with the Alexander Wang cropped top because I wanted to keep it feminine and fresh. I am loving a full length skirt nowadays and nothing to me screams Spring/Summer than a white skirt. I paired it with the leather jacket and boots to add that toughness to it. I wanted to layer the two necklaces because I like the way we can add that femininity with the Swarovski fidelity choker and add an edge with the Vivienne Westwood skull and crossbones necklace. I went with a Michael Kors watch of course because I am in love with them and I love this silver and peach one with the roman numerals on the face. I chose those amazing boots as a little surprise, if, while you walk a bit of it can be seen. (I WANT THOSE BOOTS)

Let me know what you think of this outfit. Hopefully you like it and good luck to everyone who enters!



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