AW14 Favourites and Must Haves

Hey guys,

The best season for fashion is here! I am soo excited to get layering and just dressing in mostly black and dark colours…I do that anyways but it feels better when it’s Autumn. I’m sure you know what I mean.

So..I have a bit of news..This post marks my third year blogging. Yup I’ve been blogging for three years and I’m still loving it!

Velvet..ahhh velvet you make my mouth water every time I mention your name..velvet. Yes it is a standard AW trend but hey when it’s good it’s good..right?! Who does it better than Saint Laurent? No one.


Saint Laurent


Here is how I would style this dress.. I know the 60’s look is very much a trend this session and you can see it everywhere so this dress is the perfect way for you to kill two trends with one stone. I decided to keep it very dark and well I like my Autumn/Winter to be like that because there is a darkness in all of us and I find it comes out in AW.


Another trend which I am in LOVE with and find that we women can pull it off way better than men…is the androgynous look. Cara Delevingne showed how good we can do it when she attended yesterday’s Burberry SS15 show. She was wearing the most gorgeous suit ever and she did it a la Chanel with a sneaker. Also my fave suits are from Saint Laurent.


I went for a very minimalistic and almost a nod to the sports luxe trend which is still very popular and from what I’ve seen from the Fashion Weeks it’s going to stay for SS15.
Suited and Booted


 Last but not least is capes! Capes Capes Capes…I gotta get me some capes! This was seen the most at the Saint Laurent show (you can tell I’m in love with Saint Laurent can’t ya?). Everything from fur to’s all there for us and I can’t wait to invest in a cape. I want to feel like Red Riding Hood but without a wolf wanting to eat me of course. Imagine if a wolf just magically appears wanting to eat you every time you put on your cape! O_O
 I decided to pair the cape with how I would wear it (of course) and also you can easily dress up a cape. It’s for every occasion.
Cape for me Cape for you


One thought on “AW14 Favourites and Must Haves

  1. That velvet dress is gorgeous, I have been on the hunt for the perfect one for so long but one that I can wear casually. Cara looked amazed at LFW wish I could rock a suit like that xxx

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