Peter Ting for Oasis

Hey guys,

Some exciting news about Oasis and if you are an Oasis fan. Peter Ting, award winning ceramic designer has collaborated with them and though I don’t know his designs personally I can definitely say you will be excited about this. It has already launched, it launched last Friday 22nd, and the prints are amazing.

Taking inspiration from traditional Chinese (Hua Niao) flower bird paintings, the print features beautiful in flight hummingbird silhouettes. I think what he has created is basically a masterpiece with this print.


Peter Ting 'Flutter' printed bomber jacket EUR 69, trousers EUR 47, camisole top EUR 28, shoes EUR 62 Oasis

Oasis Design Director, Clive Reeve, commented; “I have always loved ceramics and admired Peter’s work. His beautiful bird designs and sophisticated palette form the basis of this gorgeous collection.”

The collection consists of thirteen pieces and they’re so individual. I love the garnets he chose to put his mark on. It really goes with what the hummingbird signifies.

Charming shades greens and purples (my favourite colour) form a perfect palette to make the move into Autumn. Peter adds; “I am thrilled to collaborate with Oasis. The collection captures the charm, energy and spirit of Flutter by Oasis and I feel a real affinity and fondness for a brand that loves pattern and print as much as I do! Seeing my original ceramic designs transform into a beautiful clothing collection has been an utterly absorbing and completely fascinating process.”

The pieces are available in store and online and the prices start at €28

Peter Ting 'Flutter' printed top EUR 35, skirt EUR 35, shoes EUR 62 Oasis Peter Ting 'Flutter' v neck drop hem dress EUR 69, shoes EUR 62 Oasis


Here are my top picks from the collection…let me know which are your faves and go get shopping as they won’t be there for long!


My Picks from Peter Ting's Collab with Oasis



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