Well hello guys! Yes, it’s that time of the week again where Ana and I show ye a list of all the things we’ve seen and wanting to have within the week. Ye ready?

I’m starting off with Motel Rocks Party Dresses. I’m not much into the sequence and glitters in my clothes and I tend to usually have dark and simple dresses. To get off the boring side though, that’s where our Jewellery and accessories come in :).

Love this Hilary Strapless Bodysuit! Can definitely use at different occasions with different style! I’d probably pair this with a skater skirt.. Ooh sexy! 😀

Motel Missy Metallic Bustier Dress
Reminder! Get 20% off Motel Rocks with code mstoni!

Crop Tops
Been eyeing some good crop tops and bralets lately, I’ve included the bralet that I love in the Discount Craze edition though it was sold out and wasn’t able to get one :(. Anyhoo, here’s some crop top I’ve found in Asos. 🙂

I hate morning / Ram’s head

Bambi & Manson shorts!
Oh gosh they are producing some awesome shorts and we are loving it!
My two favourites from their limited edition.



Lovely aren’t they? So creative and unique! They’ll be having another Limited Edition BAMS available in their site within 10days, so if ye wanna watch out for those just go to their website. Bambi and Manson

Now these Junkie Boots are from The Feather Junkie :).


It’s like a breathe of fresh air. I mean from all the high heel boots and all that :).
And oh by the way, before I finish up,they’ve team up with The Cult of Style and  they are giving away a Studded Jacket which is lovely! I entered thru Facebook and I suggest ye guys do the same :). Clickity click here -> Peace Love Feathers


Here are my picks…

I am currently obsessing over Minkpink am in love with this Velvet dress…the colour is amazing!

Love the cut-outs

Another brand I am loving is Cheap Monday

I would definitely pair this with all my high waisted bottoms…I love this

I was checking Nasty Gals Sale…yes they still have a sale and…it’s dangerous!

I have been loving the Unif Chelsea Shearling coat and well it’s expensive and only Large is left 😦 but I came across this earlier…

And this is the Unif one

Very similar eh?

But yea…I’m actually thinking of getting the look a like one…but I probably won’t. Not sure.

Another thing from Unif that I would love is the Axl pants. But in faux leather. Now in FormosaFashion they are €149 too out of my price range! But NastyGal has the Velvet ones and they’re on sale. I would love to get them as they are high waisted and I want a good pair of high waisted pants but…I’m thinking they’ll make my hips look big 😦

But here they are anyways in case you like em 🙂

Ahhh I love them!

Speaking of high waisted pants…I’ve heard that the American Apparel Easy Jeans are supposed to be brilliant and very flattering! I really want them haha. But jeepers are they over priced! They’re on Asos

And while on Asos still I found another brand that I love now…. Thirty Four Disciples

I love these shorts

And that concludes our Weekend Wishlist this week. Hope you had a great weekend and am…hope our wallets will be ok 🙂



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