My Christmas Wish List

Hey guys,

So…I have decided to share with you my christmas wish list and I think it’s not as big or long (you dirty little..) as I had thought it would be.

So here it goes!

and a Playstation 4

Ok…it is a veeeeryy long wish list O_O But anyways hope you found a few things there that you might like and also if you click on the images it will take you straight to the page it is on 🙂

Happy thanksgiving to the American readers 🙂

You are Beautiful!



3 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish List

  1. Oh look, another vacuous beauty blog, exactly like all other vacuous beauty blogs. This adds nothing to the world. It’s the ramblings of a self obsessed young woman who has a narrow world view and has no idea of what happens in a wider context. My advice, spend even just a tiny amount of time away from your mirror and phone and go to the Developing World and see what life is really like.

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